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For SPaG work (set weekly) click here!

This Week's Learning:

Week beginning: 18th May- 

Another assessment on the 4 sentence types, on, as it seems our knowledge was not so hot. Especially around FULL STOPS!!? REALLY!? Well, here is a quick explanation to help you:


4 Sentence types guide

Previous Week's learning:

Week beginning: 11th May- 

Complete the short assessment on different sentence types on


Week beginning: 27th April - 

Complete the short assessment on formal and informal language on


Week beginning: 20th April - 

Complete the short assessment on hyphens, dashes and bullet points on Which are each used for? When should we use them? Show me what you know. 


Friday 3rd April 

SATs! They may be cancelled but that doesn't mean all knowledge should be lost. Today or sometime over the next 2 weeks. Can you complete this SPAG test on It is an old Spag SAT test. Take your time on it. You should spend around 40mins. Show Ms Ellson and myself that you can remember what were doing in class. 


Thursday 2nd April 

Active and passive!! Log in to and remember:

Passive = Object - Verb - Subject (POVS)

Active = Subject - Verb - Object (ASVO)

So if you can remember ASVO and POVS you should smash this next quiz. Good luck all. 


Wednesday 1st April 

Well done to the 10 regular participants of these tasks. Where is everybody else? Secondary schools will assess you in September. You need to be ready! So today can you solve problems with the dreaded apostrophe? Is it a contraction (she + will = she'll) or is it possession (Mr Redfern's trampy beard)? You decide!


Tuesday 31st March 

Thank you to those of you who are actively completing all of your learning. Keep it up!! laugh I can see how well you are doing and set more questions on the areas that we need more practise on. However many people still have no completed any activity, remember it is important to still keep up your practise of key skills. Today can you log in to and complete the suffixes and prefixes activity. 



Monday 30th March 

Many people still have no completed Friday's activity. Remember it is important to still keep up your practise of key skills. Thank you to those of you who did complete the learning. Today can you log in to and complete the colon and semi-colon activity.


Thank you for your time.

Mr Redfern



Previous Learning:

Friday 27th March -

Even more emails today. Thank you. Can you sign in to and try this today? KS2 SATs Grammar Test (C)

Take your time and think about all the things we have talked about in writing and the skills you have mastered with Ms Ellson.


Thursday 26th March -

Thank you to those of you who emailed me yesterday. Sorry I couldn't reply I was in school in the afternoon. I will be replying with you login details shortly. Today work through the remainder of the activities that are on They are the best way to keep up your SPaG practice. 


Wednesday 25th March -

On there are a number of live tests. Please login and try these tests today:

  • capital letters
  • 4 sentence types

If you have misplaced your login details. Email me at: and i can send you your login information. I look forward to seeing your scores on the teacher page of 


Tuesday 24th March -

Can you explain the use of these modal verbs? Read the sentences and choose what the word in bold is being used for.


Monday 23rd March -

Match the words to the correct category.