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This Week's Learning

All planning has been posted for the week. Please find the correct day:

Monday 13th  July- The Hobbit - Chapter 15

The Gathering of Clouds


1. Who tells the dwarves about Smaug?

2. What do they spend the following days doing to their home?

3. Who comes to the dwarves for help in this chapter?

4. When the dwarves refuse help, what do the humans do outside?

5. Did all the dwarves agree with these actions?


Tuesday 14th  July- The Hobbit - Chapter 16

A Thief in the Night

Summary - Why does Bilbo do what he does in this chapter? Why hand it to him and nobody else? Who turns up at the end and what does he say is coming?


Wednesday 15th  July- The Hobbit - Chapter 17

The Clouds Burst

Prediction - Do this before you read!!

What do you think the author meant using this title for the chapter? What do you think will happen in this chapter?


Thursday 16th  July- The Hobbit - Chapter 18

Return Journey

Read for enjoyment - Read this chapter to yourself and enjoy the book as it draws to a close. 


Friday 17th  July- The Hobbit - Chapter 19

The Last Stage

Review - write a book review about this text. Short in detail but good in explanation. What made this book great or terrible? What rating would it get? Would you recommend it to others?

Previous Week's Learning

All planning has been posted for the week. Please find the correct day:

Monday 6th  July- The Hobbit - Chapter 11

Independent Story Time - read from 249 - 253 (...had found the door at last.)


Section: Opening the Door (Chapter 11)

Pages: 253 - 259


Implored -

Brooded - 


Why is Bilbo always the one expected to get them out of trouble as Dwalin also states in this chapter?

How did Bilbo know that the door was there as the bird appeared and the sun started to get low?


Who will enter the Lonely Mountain first? Why?


What are they here to do? 



Tuesday 7th July- The Hobbit - Chapter 12

Section: Inside (Chapter 12)

Pages: 261 - 267 ( his service.)


Treacherous - 

Varying - 

Vapour - 

Thrumming - 


What does the phrase ‘stole the shadow’ mean on page 265? 2nd to last paragraph. 

Why were the dwarves so happy when Bilbo returned?


Where is Gandalf? 


Have Bilbo’s actions ended the story?

Independent Story Time - read from 267 (the dwarves…) - 273 (...if they are suspicious.)


Wednesday 8th July- The Hobbit - Chapter 12

Section: Bilbo vs Smaug (Chapter 12)

Pages: 273 (Smaug certainly looked…) - 280 (...pretty true as well.)


Lore - 

Scoffed - 


How does Smaug know Bilbo is there, even with the ring on?

Why is Bilbo speaking over politely during this section of the text? He has not spoken like this before.


What would the information that Bilbo gathers about the dragon’s scales come in useful later on in this book?


How does the author make the dragon sound dangerous without using that word?
Independent Story Time - read from 280 (the afternoon was turning…) - 285.


Thursday 9th July- The Hobbit - Chapter 13

Section: A Gift of Mythril (Chapter 13)

Pages: 287 - 294 (...upon the hobbit’s head)


Cunning - 

Groped - 


What is the arkenstone?

What does Bilbo do with it?


Why did the author spend time to describe Bilbo’s new outfit? 

What is the significance of this information?

Will it have an impact on future events?


Mark on the map the events up until this point. 
Independent Story Time - read from 294 (I feel magnificent…) - 300


Friday 10th July- The Hobbit - Chapter 14

Section: Bard’s Shot (Chapter 14)

Pages: 301 - 306


Seldom - 

Ominous - 

Marauding - 

Prophecies -

Mirth - 


What is Esgaroth?

Why is it capitalised?


With the dragon in Bard’s sight, how will the story end?


Why are we in Lake town?

Why was Lake Town a good idea considering who their neighbour had been for 60 years?
Independent Story Time - read from 307 - 312

Previous Week's Learning

All planning has been posted for the week. Please find the correct day:

Friday 3rd  July- The Hobbit - Chapter 10

Section: Lake Town

Pages: 235 - 241 (...through the door.)



Lapping - 

Promontory - 

Tarnished - 

Squabble - 


Where do they end up?

Who are they with?


What will the party do next?


Add the barrel journey to your adventure map. Can you find the route they took from Thranduil’s palace to lake town?

Independent Story Time - read from 241 (Who are you?) - 248: The last stage


Thursday 2nd  July- The Hobbit - Chapter 9

Section: Barrel Plan

Pages:217 (One day when…) - 225 (...down the current.)



Portcullis - 

throve - 

Potent -


Why is Bilbo able to explore the palace quite calmly?

What do you think the exposure to the ring will do to him?


How is the escape route made clear? What are no elves around to stop them?

Will the plan work?


Explain how Bilbo helped all the dwarves escape. Think about:

How were the objects used set up? Where did they go? 

What did they use? 

How many were needed?

Independent Story Time - read from 225 (It was just…) - 233: There’s a problem with the plan.


Wednesday 1st  July- The Hobbit - Chapter 8

Section: How Bilbo did it

Pages: 204 (The dwarves…) - 210



Twilight - 

Dwelling - 

Thongs - 


How many types of elves does Thorin mention when talking about them?


How do you think that Bilbo, Thorin and the group will get out of the dungeon? Use what has happened so far in the tale to help you think of a solution. 


Add to the Map the recent events of the adventure and the locations at where they have happened. 

Independent Story Time - read from 211 - 217 ( it happened.): King of the Elves (Read Chapter 9)


Tuesday 30th  June - The Hobbit - Chapter 8

Section: Sting!

Pages:189 (the smell..)- 197 (...onto the branch.)



Confusticate - 


Do you think the people and the meals they are seeing are real?

What is really happening?


Will they ever find the forest road again now? Use evidence from the text to support your answer. 


Why does Bilbo change when he kills the spider in the dark? 

What do you think changes in him?

Why does it change?

Will it last? 

Write a short passage about Bilbo at this point in the story. Use the questions above as a guide rather than just answering them. 

Independent Story Time - read from 197 - 204 (...dark colony.): All about the Spiders!


Monday 29th  June - The Hobbit - Chapter 8

Section: Lost in Mirkwood?

Pages: 173 - 185


Clarify: Words found on pages 173 - 174

Slender - 

Seldom - 

Inquisitive - 

Undergrowth -




Why did they not hunt in Mirkwood forest after they got the squirrel?

Why did Beorn tell the group not to drink from any water in Mirkwood forest?

How did Bombur end up falling in the stream?

How close to the edge of the forest are they when Bilbo checks?



What will happen next in the chapter?



Summarise the journey through the first part of the forest in 3 sentences. 

Independent Story Time - read from 185 - 189: A light in the dark!?

Previous Week's Learning:

Friday 26th  June - The Hobbit Part 5

Section: Staying with Beorn

Pages:154 - 165 






Where had Beorn gone?

What was he doing? Why?

How was he feeling when he returned?


What do you think they will find in the Mirkwood forest as they head for it next?


Add the latest events at The Carrock and Beorns to your story map from Tuesday. 


Independent Story Time - read from 165 - 171



Thursday 25th  June - The Hobbit Part 5

Section: What next?

Pages: 142 - 147

Independent Story Time - read from 148 - 154 Meeting Beorn.


Wednesday 24th  June - The Hobbit Part 4

Section: Eagles to the Rescue. 

Pages: 127 - 137: Stamina Read



uproar - 

pinnacle - 

noble-hearted - 

afoot - 

splendour - 

tumult - 

eyrie - 

Independent Story Time - read from 138 - 142 Gandalf departs


Tuesday 23rd June - The Hobbit - Part 4

Section: Regroup

Pages: 111-120 (...branches of the trees). 



bewitch - 

acquianted - 


Why did Bilbo keep on the ring when he found the dwarves again?

How did Gandalf find the group to help them?

Why do the group need to hurry as it starts to become night - think about the orcs/goblins?


What do you think will happen next to the group?


See writing for today's summary. 

Independent Story Time - read from 120 - 127 Wolves!


Monday 22nd June - The Hobbit - Part 3

Section: Gollum’s Riddles

Pages: 88 - 102 (...under him.)


Recap the key events from the previous week. List them for use in the map work to follow tomorrow.




turning point


Why does Gollum refer to himself as us?

Which of Bilbo’s riddles gets Gollum stuck?

Is it really a riddle?

Where did Bilbo find the ring that was in his pocket?


What will happen to Bilbo now Gollum is after him for what he has in his pocket?
Independent Story time - read from 102 - 110 escaping the tunnels

Previous Week's Learning:

Friday 19th June - The Hobbit - Part 2

Section: The Goblin King

Pages:77 (There in the shadows..) to 84. 



Make a list  as you go. May be helpful in writing.  


What do we know so far?

Written task - Prediction

What will happen next to Bilbo when he awakes?


Is Bilbo dead? 

How could you tell?
Independent Story time - read from 85 to 88 (...and nosing about)


Thursday 18th June - The Hobbit - Part 2

Section: The Last Homely House

Pages: 63 ( Now it is a... ) to 67. 



Make a list of useful words as you go. May be helpful in writing. 


Where did we leave our adventurers when we last read yesterday?


Where are they heading and what will they come across next on their adventure?

Written Task - Question:

Who was in charge of the homely house?

What were the names of the two swords that they had found in the troll cave and who had possession of them?

What are Moon-letters?

What did the moon-runes tell them?

Independent Story Time - read from  69 to 77 (...end of the row.).


Wednesday 17th June - The Hobbit*

Section: Three Very Large Persons

Pages: 41 (So, naturally > 51 (...end of them.)

Written Task - Clarify: 

Mutton - 

Jogging - jabbing him 

Purloined - 

Copped - 

Gnawed - 


Questions to talk about:

Who are Bert, Tom and William?

What were they doing?

How was Bilbo caught?

How did he escape?
Independent Story time - read yourself from  51 to 63 (...doors flung wide).


Tuesday 16th June - The Hobbit*

Section: An Unexpected Party

Pages: 19 (Where are you..) to 32. 

Clarify: Make a list as you go. This may be helpful in writing. 

WRITTEN TASK - Prediction

Will Bilbo go with the dwarves and be their burglar? Why? Use evidence from the text to support your answer. 

Questions to talk about:

How many dwarves came to Bilbo’s house?

Who invited them there?

How did they identify which hobbit hole was the one to meet at?
Independent Story time - read from 33 (Roast Mutton) to 41 (..stirred a whisker at it.)


Monday 15th June - The Hobbit*

Section: A Hole in the Ground. 

Pages: 1 - 7

Clarify: Make a list of interesting/new words as you go. Find their meaning. This may be helpful in this week's writing.

SummarySummarise what they know about The Hobbit so far. Use the reading as the basis for this. 
Independent Story time - read to yourself from 8 to 19 (...shining in the dark) before tomorrow.


*Sorry to change the book, but I needed to start a new book for those who may not have ready any of Wonder during their time away from school. Please get Wonder and finish reading it, if you were enjoying it. The ending is fantastic. 

Previous Week's Learning:

Friday 12th June - Editing

Yesterday I received many pieces of writing about Jack Will and August. Thank you so very much for continuing to work hard - it's difficult at times I imagine but really important. 

Today I want you to go back through your work:

  • Check for punctuation - for example jacks mom should be Jack's mum.
  • Check spellings too: mum not mom.
  • Also think about your handwriting, a couple people are not writing as neat as they once were, rushing because your at home? Bored? I don't know the reason but it should be neat at all times. So practice it.
  • Add details - I asked for a BIG write and some people gave me a big paragraph. Add details, move the setting, describe the place. What is happening? What can be heard? What does it look like? Take time to write about all of these. It creates the atmosphere of the story, helps us understand Jack's horror when he realises what he has done. 

Show me how good you can make your work. 


Thursday 11th June - BIG Write

Auggie and Jack Will. How can things be made better? You are once again R J Palacio. How would you make Jack realise what he had done to Auggie and how would he fix it once he has realised? 

Write a full A4 page - no more no less - about Jack realising that Auggie heard what he said then the conversation between the pair of them. Think about feelings and actions throughout all of this. Below is 1 paragraph of my example - you need to write more. 

Bleeding scream. What did Summer mean when she said Bleeding scream? I had been thinking of nothing else for days. Auggie and I have never watched horror films together, so it couldn't be that. The last time I saw Scream was...

"NOOO!" I went cold. My back tingled. 

"Are you OK Mr Will?" asked Mr Browne. "You shouted out in the middle of reading time."

I sat frozen, just managing a small nod. The scream. The mask. Halloween. It was Auggie. I didn't mean what I said to Julian, I just wanted to.. I don't know. Impress him. But he's an idiot! What have I done?


Wednesday 10th June

Wonder: The Egyptian Tomb

Read the extract and then give the questions some good thought and well explained answers. This task is a bit of a summary of what you have read before and a prediction of what you think will happen next. 


1. Why is August not speaking to Jack?

2. Why would Summer feel bad for him?

3. Why does the phrase 'Bleeding Scream' help Jack but not break her promise to August?

4. Will Jack understand right away what 'bleeding scream' means?

5. When will he?]

6. Whose turn for a chapter will it be next?


Tuesday 9th June

Wonder: November - Warning: This Kid is Rated R

Read the passage again. Then answer these questions. 

1. How does Summer leave the Halloween party? What is her excuse?

2. Why is Auggie in a mood with Summer. Show 3 pieces of evidence that proves he is in a mood with her. 

3. How does the author describe Summer's mums face when she first sees August?

4. Find evidence that shows August has a great sense of humour. 

5. Predict what will happen between August and Jack Will?


Many of these questions are 3 marks. So please write 3 sentences or bits of proof as you responses. 


Monday 8th June

Wonder: November - Warning: This Kid is Rated R

Read the extract in the section below dated Monday 8th June. Clarify any unfamiliar words or phrases. Email me the words you found out about with their definitions. 

Previous Week's Learning:

Friday 5th June

Wonder: Weird Kids - Halloween Party

Read the extract below this weeks work for today. As you read I want you to think about and answer these questions:

1. Whose section of the book is it now, who is telling the story?

2. What does this person think of Auggie? - give me 3 opinions

3. What choice do they face at the halloween party? 

4. What choice did they choose?

5. What would you have done if it was you that had to make that choice?


Thursday 4th June

Wonder: Out With the Old - Time to Think

Your SAT style questions. Have a go at these.

1)What did Via say to tempt August to go trick or treating?

2)When did Gran died?

3)What did August say three times while talking to Via in an angry way?

4)What does Via and August call trick or treating?

5)Who did she end up hanging out with?

by Anas


  1. How do you think Auggie is feeling at the moment?

  2. How would you react in his situation?

  3. Who could be the class president?

  4. Find or copy a word or phrase that means relaxed.

  5. Tick how Via was feeling when Auggie interrupts her

                    Calm           Angry             Sad             Happy 

by Gracie


Wednesday 3rd June

Wonder: Out With the Old - Time to Think

I had an idea late last night and I want to slightly change my plan for today. I would like you to write 5 of your own SAT style questions about this part of the story. These questions can be:

  • Find and a copy a word of phrase that means...
  • Order these ... events from the story. 
  • Prove it - How is Via feeling when...?
  • Match the character to the action

or anything else you can think of. Once complete email them to me and tomorrow I will post them on here for everybody to try. 


Tuesday 2nd June

Half term work needs editing. From what was sent to me yesterday look out for these things:

  • Neat handwriting
  • capital letters - I not i as in the sentence you are calling yourself I. 
  • Add details: where? when? how?

Once you have done this read Wonder: Out With the Old - Time to Think (found below).  This is a stamina read. Read it as quickly and as accurately as possible. Get somebody in your house to quiz you on it. I will be asking you some SAT style questions about it tomorrow to be ready!



Monday 1st June

Half term! Well it may have been and gone but that doesn't mean you should have forgotten about it - or how to write good pieces of text for that matter. So lets do both. Lets write about half term. I would like you to tell me about something you did. It can be anything. A walk around the park. Playing in the garden. Visiting family in a socially distant way. Completing a computer game. You decide. 

Try to include good grammar and punctuation. A lot of work recently, that has been emailed to me,  has missed: commas, colons, dashes and hyphens. 

Here is my example:


A Socially Distant Adventure

Carefully I placed on my headset and organised my equipment. It was going to be a long night that's for sure, if previous games were anything to go by. Facing me were the 4 familiar faces of my friends (on a Zoom call): Paul - the gunslinger; Matt - the archaeologist; Stu - the sharpshooter and Nick - the game master or GM, all of them ready to take part in the next part of our adventure - although not quite yet as Matt had just shown everyone a funny picture of Mickey Mouse so everybody was in a fit of laughter. Once calm, we began. Our mission was on...


This should be longer but I have stopped here just to give you an example. Add a bit of drama, give me detail. Have fun with it. Email me what you have come up with. Remember use a good range of punctuation!

Previous Week's Learning:

Friday 22nd May

Read some information about a topic that you are interested in. Email me 5 facts that you have found out from reading that information, that you didn't already know.

If it was me I want to read about: The books of J R R Tolkien as I know The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings but not any of his other texts. I want to know what else he wrote and more about him as a person.  

We can share our best facts at the start of our Zoom meeting today!


Thursday 21st May

Wonder -  Breakfast: Prediction - EDIT TASK!

Today i want you to go back through your writing and improve it. Make the handwriting neater. Check your capital letters and commas (in dialogue especially). You can also edit words and phrases. Here is my example. Edited parts are in RED. 

With great enthusiasm, I made my way to the local subway station 2 blocks away. Finally mom and dad were starting to treat me like a young adult. Everything was going well, until my mood was quickly ruined, when  I saw Miranda, she was with a group of girls looking into a dress shop window. They were giggling and pointing. I heard one of them say, " Who would wear something like that?" I crossed the street to avoid them; I just didn't feel like a confrontation with Miranda right now (clauses). 


Wednesday 20th May

Wonder -  Breakfast: Prediction - WRITING TASK!

Today you need to write what you have planned. Tell me what happens next. You are RJ Palacio - you are writing Via's next chapter. What happens to her?

Start from after breakfast where dad has said she can ride the subway on her own. Here is my example (bracket bits are me explaining why I did something):

Excitedly, I made my way to the subway station 2 blocks away (blocks is an american phrase which matches the books setting). Finally mom and dad were starting to treat me like an adult (thoughts). All was going well until I saw Miranda, she was with a group of girls looking into a dress shop window. They were giggling and pointing. I crossed the street to avoid them; I just didn't feel like that confrontation right now (clauses). 


Tuesday 19th May

Wonder -  Breakfast: Prediction

Things don't seem to be going well for Via. Her friends do not talk to her, her family do not really talk to her and she feels very lonely. If you were the author what would you do next to Via? Would you continue the downhill pattern? Would you start to turn things around?

Task - Plan to continue the story. 

As she goes of on the subway to school on her own - what will happen that day?

Things to think about while planning:

  • Timings when does she do the things that day, what lessons does she have?
  • Settings - what are the places like she goes to - paint a picture as you tell the story.
  • Dialogue - who does she meet and what do they say? Cn they do things while they talk?
  • Action - what does she do? How does she do it?

You can use any type of plan that you wish: an s plan; a mind map; a bullet pointed list. Add as much detail as you can. We write tomorrow. 


Monday 18th May

Wonder - Padawan Bites the Dust - Breakfast

Answer these questions:

01. How does did August react when Via asked him about his day?

02. How did Via’s dad cheer her up?

03. What reason does Via’s dad give in support of her riding the subway?

04. What do we learn about August through Via’s eyes?

05. Why does Via’s dad support her in the argument between Via and her mom about Via riding the subway?

Previous Week's Learning:


Friday 15th May

Writing a report:

Today you need to write up your information about your chosen topic. I will be sharing the work on the class web page next week. Remember your work will need an overall title, then subheadings to organise the information. Use facts from online to help you write your sentences. Remember to use conjunctions (and, but, so because, therefore, if) and punctuation (, or ; or - ) to make your sentences longer. Below you will find the start of my report. How many good features can you spot in my work? Let me know in the email when you send me your writing. 


Playstation 4: An Information Tour


in the following sections I aim to inform you of the key facts about the Playstation 4; telling you about a range of details such as price, sales and games. i hope that you enjoy - and learn!


Console Creation:

Produced by Sony, the Playstation 4; or PS4 as it is better known; was announced in February 2013. It was later released across the world on November 29th 2014 (making this November its 6th birthday). The PS4 architect (lead designer) was Mark Cerny who has worked with Playstation for most of his career. Made to be more powerful than the original Xbox One it cost £350 at launch compared to the Xbox One launch price of £429. 



The PS4 has gone on to sell 110 million units across the world, making it the 4th best selling console ever. Putting it behind: the PS2 in first place with 155 million sales; 2nd place the Nintendo DS 154 million sales and the Gameboy/Gameboy colour in 3rd with 118 millions sales. 


That's the end of my sample - I look forward to seeing what you can produce!


Thursday 14th May

Writing Planning:

I want to know about a topic that you are interested in. It could be a TV show (Riverdale or Stranger Things etc), games, sport, hobby. The choice is yours!

Tomorrow you will write me an organised factual report about that topic, including organisational features such as headings, bullet points, diagrams and labels.

Today, I want you to plan this report. What will it be about? What headings can you write about? What images could you use? What will you explain in each section? 


Below is my example plan of a report I would write:


Topic: Playstation 4

Possible headings:

  • Console Creation - dates, designer, aims
  • Specifications: How powerful it is? Playstation Pro
  • Sales - how it has sold across the world since its release. 
  • Games - Key games that have made the console as good as it is, what are they? Who made them? How many did they sell?
  • What next: Playstation 5, what we know so far. 


Make sure that you can find out  all of the facts you plan to write. I know where to find how many playstations have sold and how many games have sold. Do you? How many people have watched your favourite TV show? Who created it? When was it made? 

Think carefully as you plan


Wednesday 13th May

Wonder - High School to After School extract

Read the extract in the files listed just below. Can you explain what has changed about Miranda and Via's friendship? Why do you think it has changed over the summer holiday? Who do you think is the most responsible for this change? How do you know from what you have read?


Tuesday 12th May

Wonder - August Through the Peephole Extract

Read the extract in the files listed just below. Do you understand what you have read? Well lets see. I want you to take time to draw what Auggie looks like from Via's description. Can you put everything she mentions in the correct place and make it look right? Please email me your finished pieces so I can see who it. 


Monday 11th May

Wonder - Before August to Seeing August Extract - Clarify

Read the extract in the files listed just below. Clarify these unfamiliar words and phrases. Remember phrases require you to use your brain and think about what might be meant beyond the obvious. 

  • hipster dude - (page 84)
  • vividly - (page 86)
  • the one I saw blindly (page 86)
  • the one other people saw (page 86)
  • out of the blue - 
  • let it cover me like a blanket - 

Previous Week's Learning:

Thursday 7th May

Wonder - Summary

It is a long weekend from tomorrow. No work will be posted on Friday. Celebrate VE day. But before then, summarise what has happened to Auggie since we started reading Wonder. Where has he been? What has he done? You can write a list using bullet points or a paragraph using time connectives. 


Wednesday 6th May

Wonder - Prediction

Good morning all, hope that you are well. Today I want you to read the extract Via's Story. Once you have completed the reading I want you to predict what we will find out in Via's section of the story? Is there an event that we can find out more about, if we are in Via's head? Let me know. 


Tuesday 5th May


Make up a short story. 1 side of A4 (about 500 words). It can be on any theme: adventure, mystery, horror. Create the right kind of atmosphere. It can be first or third person. you decide. Best story will get shared on the website at the end of the week. Good luck!!


Monday 4th May

Wonder - Writing (Please remember the quality of writing you were producing in class)

How have your opinions of Jack Will changed since the start of Wonder? What was he like when we first met him? What did you think of him? Was he a good person? By the end of the bleeding scream chapter what did you think of him? Can you ever forgive him for what he did? Would Auggie? Why?

read the chapters again if you are unsure. 


Friday 1st May

Wonder - Zoom lesson.

Read yesterdays extract of Wonder and be ready to answer some questions. There will be some time for a chat at the end. Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible today. Can we get more than 21 of you online today? I hope so. 


Thursday 30th April

Wonder - Halloween - The Bleeding Scream

Read this section of the text. Be ready to discuss it tomorrow during our Zoom meeting. I will be asking questions, You can use the hands up function on zoom to show you want to answer and then I will unmute you. Some answers will be written and can be held up to the camera. Look forward to it! 


Wednesday 29th April

Wonder - September - Apples

Read the text from the files below. Then answer these questions:

1. What were the worst parts of school in September for August? List them. 

2. How long did it take for various groups of people to get used to his appearance?

3. How can you tell that Auggie and Jack Will get on so well during the Jack Will chapter? (3 marks - so write enough). 

4. What does Mr Brown mean when he writes 'your deeds are your monuments'? (3 marks)

5. Why is the last chapter called 'Apples' - think deeper about what mum says?


Tuesday 28th April

What are you reading at the moment? Tell me about it? Write a blurb of your own. Tell me about your favourite character. 


Monday 27th April

Wonder - One to Ten - Padawan

Read the section of the text from below. Can you answer these questions?

1. On page 55, why did mum ask Auggie so many questions about Summer?

2. Via, is her name pronounced: V-igh-a or V-ee-a? How do you know? Is it short for something? 

3. Why was she angry about Auggie cutting off his braid?

4. What book were they reading at night? Who had given them their bows and arrows?

5. Clarify the meanings of these words:

scooched, snottily, enchanted, straggle

Previous Week's Learning:

Friday 24th April

Wonder - Meet today at 2pm on Zoom to discuss what you read yesterday. Make sure that you have a pen and paper ready. See you all then. 


Thursday 23rd April

Wonder - Read Choose Kind to The Summer Table.

Enjoy the reading, read for pleasure. Make sure you do it. I will ask you about these chapters during our Zoom meeting tomorrow. The text is in the list below. So be ready.


Wednesday 22nd April

Reading Comprehension

Can you complete the activity? I want to know what you think of these video lessons. Are they better than just a list of questions you do yourself? Does the video teacher help you understand what you have to do? Please let me know via email. Hope you like Harry Potter.


Tuesday 21st April

Writing (AT LENGTH - 1 page of A4 minimum)

Write about something you have done during your time off. You can write in first or third person. It can be a real event or made up. Add dialogue - what did people say to one another? Describe the setting and events using good vocabulary choices. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Can you get the right atmosphere for what you are writing about?

I can't wait to read what you come up with. 

Mr Redfern


Monday 20th April

Wonder - Read Home to Lamb to the Slaughter.

Explain your feelings towards Julian once you have read this section. What kind of person is he? Would you want to be his friend? Why? Use the best of your writing skills - especially relative clauses (who, which, that, whose) and vary your punctuation. 


Previous Week's Learning:

Friday 3rd April- 

Wonder   - Stamina/speed read then prediction. 

Read the section of the book from today. Try to read it in less than 15mins.Once you have finished the next chapter is called 'Home'. What do you think will happen when Auggie returns home? What will he do? What will he say? Write the next chapter for what you think will happen. 


Thursday 2nd April- 

Note - I have added the correct questions now. Sorry. 

Wonder   -

Thank you to the many pieces of writing I received yesterday. I will be reading them and replying with feedback throughout the day. Today I would like you to read the next two chapters of the story (found in the files below). Then answer the questions about what you have just read. You can type them, handwrite them and take a picture or verbalise them to an adult. Have fun!


Wednesday 1st April- 

Wonder  - BIG WRITE - So please write at length today

Do you like this book so far? Let me know when you send me your work? Today, re-read the sections of the text for Monday and Tuesday posted below. Predict what will happen next, when Auggie goes to look around the school? Who will show him around? Will they mention his face? What is it like there? What does Auggie think of it all? Tell me the next part of the story. First or third person. Use all the skills you know. 


Tuesday 31st March - 


I really hope you enjoyed the section of the book yesterday. I loved reading your information about the main character. You all found the key information that I was hoping for. Today, read the next section of the text found in the links below. 

Once you have finished - go back to the chapter titled: Driving. How would Auggie feel about being a 'lamb to the slaughter' and 'going to school'. Give reasons for your thoughts - use the text to prove your point of view. You can also use yesterdays reading to support your answer. 


Monday 30th March - 


Read the opening few pages of Wonder by R.J.Palacio. Dated in the files below - Remember to clarify any unfamiliar words or phrases. From what you have read can you write ‘What I know about the Main Character’. I want a passage that tells me what you have learnt from the text. Such as name, appearance, personality, family etc. 


Old Learning:


Friday 27th March

Some great reading pictures yesterday. People hiding from brothers and sitting on top of washing machines. Keep them coming to my email address. Today I want to to read chapter 1 of Kaspar by Michael Morpurgo. The files are down below. Answer the questions written and email them to me or verbally to an adult as you read with them. Good luck!

- Mr Redfern


Thursday 26th March

How did the sharks entertain you yesterday? Today I want you to read a chapter of a book you own. However, I want you to read it in a strange place and send me a picture, along with the title of the book and a summary of what you read. Have fun! It's what learning should be. 


Wednesday 25th March

Reading comprehension - shark attack. Find the text, questions and answers below. 


Tuesday 24th March

Reading comprehension. Read the attached text (below - dated today) and answer the question. This is a 3 mark question. Remember to give enough facts and evidence to earn 3 marks. This can be written and emailed to:

Otherwise, you can read the text and answer the questions verbally to an adult.


Monday 23rd March

COGHEART - Can you rewrite the ending? How does your version of the story finish? Do you still go to Big Ben or somewhere else? How does Simon Silverfish get what he deserves? Include detail, dialogue, punctuation and create the appropriate atmosphere. Email me your stories.


Either attach the word processed version on a photograph of the writing. The email address - 

will be live from Tuesday. I will read and reply to all work sent. 

Mr Redfern laugh