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This Week's Learning:

Friday 3rd April- 

Wonder   - Stamina/speed read then prediction. 

Read the section of the book from today. Try to read it in less than 15mins.Once you have finished the next chapter is called 'Home'. What do you think will happen when Auggie returns home? What will he do? What will he say? Write the next chapter for what you think will happen. 


Thursday 2nd April- 

Note - I have added the correct questions now. Sorry. 

Wonder   -

Thank you to the many pieces of writing I received yesterday. I will be reading them and replying with feedback throughout the day. Today I would like you to read the next two chapters of the story (found in the files below). Then answer the questions about what you have just read. You can type them, handwrite them and take a picture or verbalise them to an adult. Have fun!


Wednesday 1st April- 

Wonder  - BIG WRITE - So please write at length today

Do you like this book so far? Let me know when you send me your work? Today, re-read the sections of the text for Monday and Tuesday posted below. Predict what will happen next, when Auggie goes to look around the school? Who will show him around? Will they mention his face? What is it like there? What does Auggie think of it all? Tell me the next part of the story. First or third person. Use all the skills you know. 


Tuesday 31st March - 


I really hope you enjoyed the section of the book yesterday. I loved reading your information about the main character. You all found the key information that I was hoping for. Today, read the next section of the text found in the links below. 

Once you have finished - go back to the chapter titled: Driving. How would Auggie feel about being a 'lamb to the slaughter' and 'going to school'. Give reasons for your thoughts - use the text to prove your point of view. You can also use yesterdays reading to support your answer. 


Monday 30th March - 


Read the opening few pages of Wonder by R.J.Palacio. Dated in the files below - Remember to clarify any unfamiliar words or phrases. From what you have read can you write ‘What I know about the Main Character’. I want a passage that tells me what you have learnt from the text. Such as name, appearance, personality, family etc. 


Previous Learning:


Friday 27th March

Some great reading pictures yesterday. People hiding from brothers and sitting on top of washing machines. Keep them coming to my email address. Today I want to to read chapter 1 of Kaspar by Michael Morpurgo. The files are down below. Answer the questions written and email them to me or verbally to an adult as you read with them. Good luck!

- Mr Redfern


Thursday 26th March

How did the sharks entertain you yesterday? Today I want you to read a chapter of a book you own. However, I want you to read it in a strange place and send me a picture, along with the title of the book and a summary of what you read. Have fun! It's what learning should be. 


Wednesday 25th March

Reading comprehension - shark attack. Find the text, questions and answers below. 


Tuesday 24th March

Reading comprehension. Read the attached text (below - dated today) and answer the question. This is a 3 mark question. Remember to give enough facts and evidence to earn 3 marks. This can be written and emailed to:

Otherwise, you can read the text and answer the questions verbally to an adult.


Monday 23rd March

COGHEART - Can you rewrite the ending? How does your version of the story finish? Do you still go to Big Ben or somewhere else? How does Simon Silverfish get what he deserves? Include detail, dialogue, punctuation and create the appropriate atmosphere. Email me your stories.


Either attach the word processed version on a photograph of the writing. The email address - 

will be live from Tuesday. I will read and reply to all work sent. 

Mr Redfern laugh