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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

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This Week's learning:

Each day there will be 1 piece of work from one of these subject areas:

Science, History, Geography, Computing, Design Technology, Art, R.E, PSE and Music.


Monday 6th July


LC: Can you describe freshwater biomes?


I can explain what a biome is. 

I can name freshwater biomes in the UK. 

I can list the features that they share. 


Read and look at the information provided on:

Main Activity:

Using the information obtained list some freshwater features of the local area using the map below - Zoom in to look at the area around Shelfield. Pond, lake, canal, river etc. Summarise the types of animals and plants possibly found in these locations.,-1.95680,7/pin


What is a biome?


Tuesday 7th July


LC: Can you develop sketching techniques?


I can draw key shapes to the correct scale. 

I can add details. 

I can finalise my sketch. 


Watch the video:

Yes it’s complicated - but it will take time, editing and effort. All the things you need to work on. 

Main Activity:

Follow the instructions to draw a version of Smaug. 

Use A3 paper to allow for a larger scale and extra detail when nearing the end of your sketch.

Previous Week's learning:


Thursday 2nd / Friday 3rd July

Design Technology

Can you make the car model that you have designed? Take your time to find a way to see if you can make the wheels roll. Try adding details to them such as paper headlights, windows, bumpers and registration plates. 

Please email me a picture of your finished creations to:


Wednesday 1st July

PSE - Black Lives Matter

What does it mean to be biased? Do we make things unfair on purpose or by accident? What type of future do you want to live in? 

In this lesson these are the kinds of things that you will have to explore and think about. Be a force for change!


Tuesday 30th June

Design technology

Look around the house for any boxes, tubes, card or paper you could use to create something. Today I want you to design your own car. Draw what you think you could make with what you have found. Can you change the shape of these objects to make it look more like a car?

Some images here might give you some inspiration:


Monday 29th June


Particles in mixtures. Continuing your work on solids, liquids and gases, here is some work on mixtures and how they appear in diagrams. Some objects are made from more than 1 material. You will look at how these will appear undr a microscope.

Previous Week's learning:


Wednesday 24th June


Zoom. There will be a Zoom meeting held today at 1:30 for all year 6. The classes in school and anybody at home are asked to join. We will be discussing ideas of what we could do for our end of year celebration. Hope to see you there. Normal meeting ID and password. 


Thursday 18th June


Can you help me to help you? Over the next few weeks I would like to help you with any issues that you have around transition to secondary. Send me your concerns via email and I will plan some activities over the next few weeks to help. 


Monday 15th June


You need string, scissors, a straw or piece of dowel and an empty plastic bottle. You really don't need the rubber. All of these will help you understand pulleys. What is a pulley? How does it help use with forces? Today you get to find out, work through the powerpoint below and complete the activity. There is a video to follow if you are unsure. 

Previous Week's learning:

Friday 12th June


Photo challenge. Make a collage of pictures that mean something to you. There are 100s of apps that allow you to do this. Add filters, stickers and text to your collage if you want. It can be of objects, places, pets and maybe people. Choose your pictures carefully!

If you want to show me your creations, send them via email. 


Thursday 11th June


Biomes - what is a biome? Today I want you to read about what a biome is and find an interesting way to show me what you have found out. You can hand write, draw, type or use online images to help with your explanations. 

Minecraft is very good to explain biomes, if you have played it and know what I mean. 


Wednesday 10th June


Circles, circles everywhere... But where exactly. Use a range of drawing and shading skills to complete this task. Can you think of a circular object that nobody else does? Send me what you come up with. Have fun!


Tuesday 9th June


Solids, liquids and gases. What are they? Can you explain the differences scientifically? Today you will be able to, with great visual demonstrations. Enjoy the activity and let me know what you have found out, that you didn't know already.


Monday 8th June


You may hear people around you saying that Boris Johnson is doing a bad job of the Coronavirus pandemic. Maybe he is. But how easy is the job he has got. Well, today you get to find out. Your are going to be taking over - as a pretend deputy Prime Minister. How would you answer the questions from the countries media (news and reporters)? Lets find out...

Saftey First

Gracie's Safety Video

Still image for this video

Emil's Saftey Video

Still image for this video

Previous Week's learning:

Friday 5th June

First of all if you haven't already check out the images and videos at the top of the page for some pieces of safety work that I received. Thank you for the effort that you all put in. 



Do you ever listen to a song and it makes you really happy? Is it because of a happy memory or is it because the song is really cheerful and uplifting? What about listening to songs that make you sad? Is it the same kind of thing? Today you will explore the feelings that music can give you as the listener.


Thursday 4th June


I would like more people to complete the safety work from yesterday. Thank you to:

Jayden - for the poster

Gracie - for the minecraft safety video

They were the only 2 who sent in their work. So thank you for sending me your contributions. I look forward to seeing what other members of the class can produce. 


Wednesday 3rd June


Today I want to do something a bit more open ended. I would like you to create a piece of work about safety. It can be about any type of safety: water, building site, road, personal, virsuses etc.

You can create whatever you want to share your message of keeping safe. You can:

  • Make a poster.
  • Take a picture of you wearing your safety equipment (it does not need to be 100% serious - I was thinking of putting a box on my head as an example). 
  • Draw a plan of how you could organise a place or building. 
  • Write an advert for TV or Radio for the person who does the voice over - you could even record it. 
  • You could make something in Minecraft/Terraria and record a video tour of it. 

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Please send them to


Tuesday 2nd June

Science -  Human Impact

Today's science has a slight hint of geography as part of it. What is the impact of humans on our world? Today we get to look at how we can have an effect on our world.


Monday 1st June

History  -  2nd World War

Today is your last piece of work on the 2 great wars of the 1900's. What brought about the end of WW2? Today you will find out. Email me and let me know what happened.

Previous Week's learning:


Friday 22nd May


Zoom meeting at 1pm. We will talk about secondary school:

What are our hopes? 

What are our fears?

What have you heard from them?

What can I (Mr Redfern) do to help you?


Thursday 21st May


Carrying on from the work on Anti-semitism let us now look at the holocaust. Email me with your thoughts on the holocaust. Do you think this kind of thing could ever happen again?


Wednesday 20th May


Continuing from the work on evolution and the adaptations and changes of animals over the centuries. Today you will learn about our 'HUMAN' impact on the living world - how we have impacted on the life of plants an animals.

Let me know what you think about our impact in an email after this session. 


Tuesday 19th May


Who knows a good joke?

Do you have any good quiz questions? 

Do you have any simple skills for us to try?

Come onto the Zoom and share them with each other. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. 


Monday 18th May


Anti-Semitism? What is this? You may have hear it mentioned on the news. Our Labour political party has had some recent issues around this. Today you will learn its impact on Germany.

Previous Week's learning:


Friday 15th May


Who is your favourite youtuber? 

Lets discuss who we think is the best.  What makes their videos so good? What do they talk about? Are they suitable for all children? Why? 

I will see you on Zoom at 1pm. Normal meeting code and password. Email me if you need the information at:


Thursday 14th May


Continuing our work on evolution and fossils. Today its time to look at organisms that have lived in each era of our planets existence.


Wednesday 13th May


Time to continue! On monday you started comparing the First and Second World Wars. Today you finish off this piece of work.


Tuesday 12th May


How would you feel about returning to school in June? 

Lets discuss how we feel, I imagine we are all feeling the same and maybe talking about it could make us all feel a bit better. 


Monday 11th May


Get your writing head on. All you have learnt about the First and Second World Wars is needed here. Can you be the best? Star writer of the week will be posted at the end of the week. There are 2 sessions for this task so do not send in your work today. Wait for lesson 2.

Previous week's learning:


Thursday 7th May


Today meet on Zoom at 1pm for a class chat. The meeting ID is the same as last time and so is the password. Hope you can all make it. 


Wednesday 6th May


Last week you learnt about Hitler and his gain of control over Germany (his rise to power). This week let's look at what life was like in Germany at this time. How does it compare to life now? Do you think you would have liked to live in Germany during this time?


Tuesday 5th May


Today meet on Zoom at 1pm for a class chat. the meeting ID is the same as last time and so is the password. Hope you can all make it. 


Monday 4th May


Optical illusions... Use your shading skills to create an image that looks 3D. Can you fool me? Email me your finished work.


Friday 1st May

History - 

WW1 continued. Many of you will have heard of Hitler. But how did he become so important, that he could do all of the things that he did? Today you get to find out some of the reasons why he became the leader of Germany at that time. Can you remember what a dictator is?


Thursday 30th April

History - 

WW1 continued. Today you will find out about the Treaty of Versailles. This was a key event of the war. But how important was it? Did it really need to happen? Find out in the link below.


Wednesday 29th April

Science - 

Continuing from last weeks work on evoltution, can you work through this session? It will look at fossils and how scientists can use them to prove that some animals have evolved over time.


Tuesday 28th April


Chat join us Zoom chat at 1pm to catch up on what's been happening to each other and how to find things to do during this time that we have. The meeting code is: 302-786-8745. The password will be the same as last time. 


Monday 27th April


Continuing your work on textures. It continues from our work in class on different shading techniques (cross hatch, scribble shading etc). Have fun!

Previous Week's learning:

Friday 24th April:


World War 1 - lesson 2. What is the western front? What was the battle of the Somme? When did America join the fight?


Thursday 23rd April:


World War 1. Why did we even have a World war in the first place? Find out below:


Wednesday 22nd April:


Evolution. Darwin. Have you heard of these two words before? Well today I want you to work through the session with the video teacher. You will need paper and a pen to write down some key vocabulary etc. 

Have fun. Let me know how well you did on the end quiz.


Tuesday 21st April:


What is texture? What textures can you find? Complete the learning and share what you have created via email.

Use different colours and materials: pencil, crayons, chalk to create different effects. 


Monday 20th April:


Listen to a song from a genre that you do not normally listen to. Country, jazz, classical.

What was the name of the song?

How fast was it (tempo)?

What did you think about as you listened to it?

What mood does it make you feel?

Old Learning

Week 2 (30th - 3rd April):

Topic: Victorian Life.

Create a poster, information page, fact file about an area of Victorian life. You can choose from 1 or more areas from:

  • Home
  • Food
  • Work
  • School
  • Entertainment
  • City Life - London

This can be done digitally or on paper. Please email your creations to:

You have all week so DO NOT RUSH!!. I look forward to seeing what you have created towards the end of the week. 


Week 1 (23rd - 27th March):

Building challenge.

What is the most impressive structure that you can build? You can use anything you have to hand. Such as lego, kinex, boxes and packaging, sticks or anything else that you have available. Please send pictures of your completed structures with a brief explanation to: