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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Friday 15th January


Today we are going to use the plan we made yesterday to help us write a letter from Sam to the villagers, saying sorry for crying wolf. Remember that we are imagining that we are Sam, so we are going to use the words    I        me       my


Think about:

Why are you writing the letter?

Why did you pretend there was a wolf?

How did you feel when there really was a wolf and no one came?

How are you going to learn from your mistake?



Now open up the activity booklet below for your learning challenges and success criteria.


You are going to write a letter from Sam to the villagers.


There is a template to help you set out your letter.  Use your plan to help you.  


We would love to read some of your letters if you send them to our class email address ! smiley

Main Activities and Learning Challenges - Friday