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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Thursday 14th January


Yesterday we looked at how to set out a letter and why people write letters.  One of the reasons people write letters is to apologise (say sorry).


Today we are going to plan a letter from Sam to the villagers, explaining why he cried wolf and saying sorry for his mistake.

Let’s read the story again:



Why do you think the boy cried wolf?

Why was this not a good thing to do?

How do you think it made the villagers feel?


Now we are going to imagine we are Sam and we have realised that we are sorry for crying wolf.  We are going to plan a letter to the villagers to explain why we did it. 


Open up the booklet below  to see your learning challenges and success criteria.


Find the table to fill in smiley - it will help you to plan each part of your letter.  

Main Activity - Thursday