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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


I would like you to watch the attached clip in a particular way - you will need to watch everything carefully and pause the clip at different points to answer questions and make predictions.

 Stop at 24 seconds, what does the girl like? What clues have we seen? Stop at 50 seconds, What did she get from the bunny's pocket? What do you think it is for?

Why do you think Tamara hugs the book when she closes it?

What does she want to be when she grows up?  How do you know?

Pause the film when her mother places the towels on the shelf.

Where does Mum work?

Where is Dad? Is he at home or away?  Why do we think this?

Play some more of the film and stop when Mum is watching from the doorway at 2 mins 20.

What do you think the mum is thinking?

Pause the film at 2 mins 26 What has the Mum just noticed?  The musical box has stopped but Tamara is still dancing.  Why do we think that this is?

Stop at 3m 10s, what have we realised?  At the end what does the camera focus on and why?

When her Mum speaks to Tamara what do you think her reply is?

Do you think Tamara will grow up to be a dancer?
Why do you think her mum look sad when she hugs her?


Main Task: Write a diary entry in the role of Tamara.