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Imagine, Believe, Succeed


The following shows the different activities that are taught in D&T through the topics, this plan has been up dated to reflect the new National Curriculum.
For D&T based activities in the Early Years please refer to Early Years page.

Planning for Key Stage 1




Cycle a

A walk in the woods

In this Topic the children will design and make a fabric poppy, thinking about the properties of different fabrics and choosing the best one for their design.



Fire & Ice

During this Topic the children will design, make and evaluate a crate for a Polar bear.  They will explore different joining techniques and discuss the properties of recycled materials before making their carrier.

Trainers, tracks & tyres

During this topic the children will use simple hand tools to cut pieces of dowel accurately.  They will use this dowel to make a base and axes for a wheeled vehicle of their design.


Cycle b

A world of difference – Come with me

The children will design, prepare and evaluate a fresh fruit salad.  They will learn how to prepare fruit in different ways using different equipment such as knives & potato peelers

Dungeons & Dragons


Having researched the different parts of a castle, the children will design and build their own Gate House and Portcullis.  The finished design should have a drawbridge and portcullis that opens and closes.

In the secret garden

The children will have the opportunity to plant a variety of fruits, vegetables and salad leaves.  Once, these have grown the children will design and make either a soup or salad.


Planning for lower Key Stage 2




Cycle a

Italian Adventures

 The children will conduct market research into pizzas, asking a target group about toppings and bases. Finally, they will make their own pizzas, thinking about the results of their research.

We’ll meet again

This task will link with recent History, where the children will make a pudding that was popular during WW2 with limited ingredients.

Thatch & Kilt

During this Topic, the children will research making skills from the past and try to recreate them by shaping materials to make either a torc or a metal bowl.

Cycle b



In this topic, the children will use recycled materials to create a shelter.  They will use annotated sketches to communicate their ideas and evaluate the finished product.

Out of Africa

 In this topic the children will explore story telling in Africa and the props that are used to support the retelling.  They will use a variety of materials to make a range of puppets in order to retell some of these stories.

Walk like an Egyptian


In this Topic, the children will use hand tools and dowel to make a Shaduf.  The children will need to measure accurately and explore levers.


Planning for Upper Key Stage 2




Cycle a

The Greeks

 The children will use hand tools and dowel to make the Minotaur’s labyrinth.  First they will need to research mazes before they design and make their own.


Ice Worlds


In this Topic, the children will look at the properties of materials particularly those that are light weight but warm in order to design and make a sleeping bag to take to the Polar regions.

Jungle Fever

How did the Mayans get from mountain top to mountain top?  Can the children design and make a rope bridge that links the mountain tops?

Cycle b

Viking Invasion

In this topic, the children will attempted to make their own cheese, reproducing simple farm house techniques that have been used for hundreds of years. 


Hard times!


During this topic, the children will combine science knowledge with a design task.  Can they make an electrical circuit in order to turn the street lights on or can they design a signalling system to allow trains to travel along the lines safely.

Mountain High

Using hand tools and dowel, can the children make a cable car that will carry passengers or supplies to the top of a mountain?