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Greenfield Primary School

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Coronavirus (Covid 19) Catch up Premium

Greenfield will be receiving £21,120 of catch up funding over the next 12 months.

In order to support children to catch up we have a teacher out of class who is dedicated to supporting children to catch up. We have assessed the children when they returned to school and put a plan in place to target groups and individuals who have lost ground over the lockdown period.

We also have an additional teacher who supports children 2 afternoons each week and other support staff who undertake 1:1 interventions to support catch up.

We have also purchased additional resources to support the children's learning - in particular maths resources and thesaurus and dictionaries. 

The amount we have spent on catch up to date is £ 25,720 (December 20). We continue to plan to invest further expenditure into this in order to support the children to catch up quickly.

We are measuring how we are doing using assessments each half term to track the children's progress and to identify and target gaps in their learning.