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Greenfield Primary School

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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Miss Fawkes is the Year 5 teacher

The Teaching Assistants are Mrs Riley and Mrs Smith


Year 5 will also be having Mrs Beech on Thursday afternoons for Religious Education and French 


Physical Education will be on Mondays and Wednesdays, so please remember to bring your kit! 


Homework and spellings will be sent out on Fridays and must be returned on or before the following Thursday. Also, home reading books will be changed on Mondays. Please sign their reading record book. 


Our topic this term is The Viking Invasion!



Here are some websites you could use to find out more about the Vikings:  On this website you can watch information videos about different aspects of Viking life. This website offers lots of different facts about the Vikings!


Year 5's Assembly 

In case you missed our class assembly we retold the story of Beowulf...


We are happy to say that King Hrothgar's people were safe from the terrifying Grendel as Beowulf managed to defeat the merciless beast by pulling off his arm! No weapons used against Grendel would work it was only by strength alone that he could be defeated!

If you want to find out what happens next in the story with Grendel's mother the Sea Hag, you could read Michael Morpurgo's Beowulf to see what lies in store for Beowulf and his army!

Music in Year 5


This term during our music lessons we learnt about different instruments and identified different instruments by listening to pieces of music played by a range of instruments.


Following on from this we designed our own instruments considering what sounds different materials would make. We then collected these materials and created our instruments which we had designed. 


Here are some pictures of us constructing our instruments:



Here are some of the finished products! 



* A guitar to strum the melody *



*A bottle maraca which sounds like rain!*



*A drum to keep the beat*


After creating our instruments, we all played them to see what sounds they made and discussed what we thought was good about each others instruments and what we could do differently, if we were to create them again.

Some of the magnificent seafaring Viking Longboats we created on our first day back!

Some of the magnificent seafaring Viking Longboats we created on our first day back! 1

Here is the Viking Runes alphabet!

Here is the Viking Runes alphabet! 1 See if you can write a message to someone


Here are some useful websites to practice your learning:


You can find lots of games and activities on these websites for a range of subjects.